Just To Talk...

Im 21, and although i know there is alot of people worse of than me with bigger problems in there lives, id like to talk to someone , get feedback of someone.. Just for someone to listen to me for once. its always me that gives the advice to all my mates and for years iv put a smile on and gone through a lot.
Lately.. im feeling very down in myself. I have awful anger problems and people have told me.. i can lash out for the smallest little thing, and then i get mad with myself for doing so..
I have self harmed many a time.. but only a handful of people know. I have been told many a time perhaps i suffer from depression .. and i do believe i do. My doctor doesnt see that do.. he doesnt listen to me because he is a family friend and its like he doesnt want to believe it himself.
My parents are none the wiser to any of this.. it would destroy them.
im so fustrated and just dont know what to do anymore.
Im getting fed up and going down hill..
I dont want to be like the way i was a year ago.. when i was at my very lowest.
DeeDanice DeeDanice
22-25, F
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Thanks everyone for your advice.

A new doctor is a start.
I hope things start to change.. To be able to talk to people is great.. its like a weight being lifted of my shoulders!.. just for someone to know what in thinking.. and understand, for once!!

What is hurting U... What's that U want...

Hey dee, I'm steven 19 years old. I'm also experiencing some ****** feelings right now, I bought a car about 1 month ago and already it got broken into, the thief stolen a backpack that had inside 2k usd, a new iPhone and a charger that is worth 100$, back pack was my friends though, and about one week later I got into a car accident. But I'm starting to get over it now. Aside from that I want someone that I can trust to talk with a girl, but I'm really shy and have trust issues, but I am a really nice guy and fun to talk to when I start opening myself up to others. Well that a little something about me, how are you?

I would suggest going to see a dr. that is not a family friend, someone that will listen to you and will diagnose the problem rather than telling you there's nothing wrong. If you don't mind me asking whats going on in your life thats dragging you down?

Hello DeeDanice. I hope this simple hello makes you feel better.