Okay.... Let me start from the beginning... I was raised by my mom a African American women in the projects... I seen my dad every other weekend.... On December 17 my farther died I was in the 7th grade n yeah I didn't show the pain until the sun went down n no one was awoke n then I cry n I cry until my bags under my eye bleed .. Seriously. :/ after tht my life really got worst...... No farther figure I mean he was barley there but he had he's presences you know tht a boy needs in his life .... But anyways Im 18 didn't graduate n my see brother. Sister did n my mom talked bad about me well now I'm working at a factory everyday n I have a girlfriend I met in high school she was a freshman n I was a senior. thts it basically now okay my problems.

I only had one sexual partner n it's been wit this girl n she's been wit a lot of guys but I accepted tht n kept on wit her we've been together for 10 months n it's getti. Worst every day when I was single I told myself ima be the best bf ever I can't wait to be in a relationship. No!!! It's hell!!! I love this girl but I have nothing to help make us happy example I have. No home to go to... No car no permit no money n no high school diploma n no friends..... Thts my situation I need help

N I know I may not have the worst life but it's my life n to me it's hard!! N everyone just needs somebody to talk to...
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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

Work hard to have all those that you don't. You are a young man and you are perfectly fit. start from scratch and work your way up. be something. dream big. You have to work to get the things that you don't have. Be worthy to be his man. If there's a will, there's a way. And it all starts with a good plan. If you work in the factory in the morning, work somewhere else at night. Save money. go back to school. make your life better for good. It's gonna be a long way ahead, you don't give temporary solutions to permanent problems. good luck! :)