Gave My Heart

I am an older gentleman, 54 now, and ten years ago, after a divorce, I found this beautiful woman. She was bubbly, nice, loving and very pretty. We hit it off. Well, after eight years we divorced. There were a number of issues on both sides.

It has been two years now and I am STILL hurting inside. My heart HURTS. I would like to try again to make it work but I do not believe she is willing. I am the one who filed for the divorce. Time DOESN'T help.


Would be nice to have someone to talk to, I do not have any close friends I can tslk to about this.
DavidOliphant DavidOliphant
3 Responses Sep 16, 2012

You can talk to me. I'm just 19 but everyone talks to me. I'm a good listener. :)

Firstly 54 is not Old, :-) Its all a state of mind, and as far as i'm concerned, 45 plus is when a man finally comes into his own anyway. hehe
Secondly, it always said that time heals everything. I don't think it does, it may just numb the pain or the time between the pangs just become longer. The only thing I can think on, and what I am doing now from a personal experience, is try to put myself first and concentrate on what is important to me. I need to remove myself from the things that cause me pain and as much as I am drawn back to it over and over, I have learned to accept that some things will just never be. Chin up, look forward and try focus on what you believe in and want for yourself, everything else will hopefully fall into place.
Sorry I'm not much help, but here to chat if you wish x

Guess there's no one here to talk to. Figures.