Feel Like Running Away

In the last 3 yrs things have gone worst between me & my husband. He is always moody , make nasty comments and give me the silent treatment. We hardly talk to each other and in the last few months it's gone worst, we living separate now and for him it's kind of used to this life and ok with that. I am very confused now as I had enough of living this miserable life and not sure what to do. We have a mortgage together that's one thing that seems a bit complicated. I just feel like running away now ...what should I do ?
Sami32 Sami32
31-35, F
1 Response Sep 17, 2012

Try talking to him first, figure out what he wants, and don't let the conversation go without knowing exactly what he wants, meet at a public place not at either of your homes. And then if he really doesn't want to work it out find a lawyer, if all you have is a mortgage is can be split pretty easily, your lawyer will handle that. And if he DOES wanna work it out, there are plenty of good couples therapists.. Try seeing if he'd wanna go that route. The good thing is you have no kids (or I'm assuming because you didn't mention any) the biggest thing you have to worry about is a mortgage.