The Tale Of Loneliness!

Been six years and I'm slumping down the rabbit hole. To talk to someone does need one to be suicidal or depressive,it can be anyone who hasn't spoken much in so many years and mouth is filled up with mounting pressure of exploding words and unused voices and meaningless talks.' meaningless talks ' is what I say is an art that should be learnt by people like us.Sometimes it takes a lot to talk for no reason with someone. And finding this someone is a huge task.

I'm sure most of the people think here that members of this group are desperate or psychic , they are just looking for gfs/bfs or getting lame giving such an excuse. What they don't realise is that members of this group need a friend or a stranger,kind enough to listen to them , making a huge difference in their lives.

To all people who need to talk to - I hope like me your cloud of loneliness/ sadness/ problems burst out in rains of happiness when you talk to someone.
theweirdhippo theweirdhippo
22-25, M
Sep 18, 2012