My Baby Boy, Jhonneffe

My baby boy my precious little angel I feel so much guilt I don't have yu wit me . God has yu now and I hope yur in peace. I hope yu kno yur mommy love yu very much even though i never got to hold yu and never really found out if yu where a boy or girl. Iknew in my heart I had a boy yu are only 8 weeks now but ikno yu will grow strong and big in heaven and one day I will get the honor and met yu and hold yu kiss yu and have yu by my side but until that day come I want yu to kno I love yu so much yu will always be my little boy and I will always be yur mommy even if I can't show yu off to the world because yu are watchin over me and yur daddy I'm sure yur daddy feels the same way we miss yu I miss how sick yu made mommy feel in the mornings you were never name legally but yu are Jhonneffe I can't help but to cry reading yur name. Yu were my everything and now yure gone but we will see each other soon

I love yu jhonneffe
R.I.P O9.12.2O12
Gone but never forgotten promise yu that yu will always be mommys first
Heartbrokenbyyu Heartbrokenbyyu
18-21, F
Sep 19, 2012