I Feel Weak And Lonely, Unable To Trust Anyone Nowadays. Need Someone To Talk To.

I feel I really need someone to talk to. I feel so weak because of what I've been through in the past. I'm constantly having issues with friends, family and my relationship. I just want someone to talk to who can understand me and somehow help me to feel better. I'm so tired right now and my head is sore. Life is stressful right now because I have to study so hard because I'm in the last year of high school. I just need someone who I can trust to not tell people anything, someone who can provide some sort of guidance and kind words. I feel stuck. Life feels horrible right now.
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5 Responses Sep 20, 2012

hey im sure you have alot of miseries at the moment but life is always like that you dont need to worry because it will pass and things will be ok,just like now i receive a bombshell regarding my ID but im hoping that things will be ok but im also prepared for the worse and think about the best way possible.

sometimes we all have problems that would measure our capabilities but it makes you stronger when you face and find away to hamdle this and that will make you different.

i'am here if you want talk ,i'm not good in advices but i'll try my best to help you ,and we should be one :))

Maybe thinking of your future and what your woking for will help, if all you're facing is time of uncomfort, remember afternevery dark night, is w brighter day and love...your. brighter days are coming, just keep sacrificing until you reach your gole and cloud to float on...IT WILL BE YOUR OWN! just be patient and I hope I helped.

Patients is something we all have to deal with, it's a rule of life and not such a horrible situation because when we aquire that dream or play or idea....we just enjoy it way more other than, if it were just given to us ;)

hi ....you can speak to me to get some relaxation in your life...I may not give you the best solution but you will stress free after sharing your problem with me..