i feel so lost and i got nobody to talk. i lied to people just because i wanna make reasons to just go away from here. reasons which are reasonable for them to understand. im sick of being here. i wanna start a new life without any haters and betrayers. i wanna go. but im so lost and i really dont have any where to go. i am lame and shameful. do not have anybody to talk as me myself the real me. i really wanna go away from here. find new people and start a new life. i dont wanna be here...
syammbarabellataqwa syammbarabellataqwa
18-21, F
2 Responses Sep 21, 2012

if u wanna build a friendship connection or even a tlk buddy im more than willing im looking for a decent person too b who i actually can b true too with

ive felt that way before but in this cruel world people hae too accept u for u you r...n u learn too accept the real you

you are so right.. :) thank you