I Feel Unimportant.

I feel like I am nonexistent. I feel like if i died tonight no one could care tomorrow. The only thing that cares about me is the one things thats killing me. I feel that when I post this people are going to read this and think I am whinny and no one will care just like every time I have voiced this to someone. I feel like a bother and a pest. I want to feel needed.
onceanightmare onceanightmare
4 Responses Sep 21, 2012

I care and your not unimportant or alone. I no how u feel because i feel like that u are needed u jyst have to find what makes u happy now. Your no way a bother or apest if u ever need to talk message me

I think I've felt the same way once or twice... You definitely aren't a bother and most people would agree that you don't deserve to feel the way you do right now. If you're upset, talk to someone or post on here. Know that you are valued and important.

I care, after reading what you wrote. I can identify with the things you said. Stay strong. You matter.

You're not being whiny... you're not as alone as you thought on this rock. I'm another one feeling that way. There are others too.

I feel like a bother and a pest every time I open my mouth too about this. You're not as alone as you think. In that moment you mattered. You're getting responses, you were heard.