I Dont Know What To Do Or Think

i haven been feeling the same lately. I'm not as happy as I used to be. For the past couple of weeks or at least a months idk my fiance has made me feel like im nothing. but yet he tells me he loves me and everything but he doesnt show it. our sex life hasnt been good. he gets mad for the slightest things that i do. i do everything for him and i mean EVERYTHING. but when i ask him just to do one small task he blows off. i feel like i cant satifi him anymore. anything i do he ignores or puts aside. he spends more time on the xbox than he does with me and our son. i feel like i have failed at everything. i cant seem to get him happy at times, when i trie to get him in the mood he tells me to wait. i cant do everything by myself cleanign cooking and watching the baby. i rarely get help from him. he embarressases me in front of everyone making me feel stupid. i have cried for several days and nothing. i get no confort from him or anything. i feel so alone most of the time. i hate it. i love him with all my heart. i just dont know what to do to make him feel the same like we used to.
xsissy3x xsissy3x
Sep 23, 2012