What To Do

My fiancee and I have been together along time we even did long distance for a few years and I decided to move away from all my friends and family which I'm very close to. We have like most couple had or up and downs but I love her so much and know I would never love anyone as much as her...however I am very very close withy family and don't get to see them much since I moved nearly 20 hours away. She doesn't really pay much attention to me now that I am here and I find myself spending more time alone than anything and I catch myself thinking about how much I'm missing out on back home and then well get in an argument and I question myself as to why I am here I don't want to leave her but being away from my family and not having her around seems useless and I don't know how to get her to understand that's why I came here. Idk what to do please any advice helps
Brock123 Brock123
26-30, M
Sep 23, 2012