She's The Reason Why I Always Get Sad

the sequel of my story: I wonder If She's Still Wearing My Ring

I'm not blaming her but she's the reason why i'm sad most of the time...I just received ONE message from her for today...She greeted me "Good morning and said "I love you so much" I felt happy when i read it. I replied her that I love her so much too. Then no messages from her did follow. It makes me sad because it makes me feel that I'm not important to her. She didn't even say good night :'(

I think it's getting worse... The more i don't receive messages from her the more I think that her love for me is getting smaller and smaller..

I already told her that it's her messages that lift my spirit up each day but I think she doesn't care if I get hurt if I don't receive messages from her.. I feel like I'm being taken for granted...

I could afford to be taken for granted by someone else but not by her.... she's everything to me and every little thing that she does affects me.....

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STOP. You are being paranoid. x2

I was trying

STOP. You are being paranoid. I am not attacking you here. I know how you feel because I am like you. Keep going on this path and you will destroy your relationship. You are becoming needy. It will NEVER be enough, trust me. You need to find it inside yourself to be able to live your own life that she happens to have a very big part in. Remember, if you become super needy and obsessive, it WILL destroy the relationship.

I don't message her if she doesn't message me. I just wait for her patiently, though I'm already bursting inside I still don't bring it up to avoid fight. Yeah I become needy but I just keep it inside me and let it out here at EP.