I Feel Alone

I'm sorry for writing this stupid thing, but I really need someone to talk to but I have nobody. I am 21 and I feel so alone. I have a beautiful family, great friends. But what I don't understand is whenever I'm alone in my room I get this really painful feeling in my chest and I couldn't stop crying. I feel sorry for myself, for being like this. I feel so pathetic because I feel alone all the time, even when I'm in a crowd. That feeling pains me, often chokes me that I couldn't stop crying and I wonder every day to God, why why am I alone. I see happy faces around me, happy couples holding hands, and I feel alone because nobody likes me. Nobody ever had a crush on me. Deep down inside, I feel terribly ugly, so ugly that I don't think I'm worthy enough to be loved by someone. I am sorry again, for writing my stupid silly problem but l really feel this pain in my chest every time I think about how I am alone, and I need someone to talk to. I want to be happy. I need to be happy. I don't want to spend every night crying in my bed anymore. I want to wake up feeling happy. I want someone to be with me. I just want someone. My friends keep telling me to be patience, maybe one day my soulmate will come, but I've matured enough to know that soulmates are bull and they don't exist. Again, I'm sorry, this is a silly problem.
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You write: I feel alone because nobody likes me but at the same time you say that you have a wonderful family and good friends. So someone loves you. You are not alone at all. You have just to open your eyes and find love closer than you think.
You miss having a boyfriend. It is a normal feeling, but this will come. You have to believe in yourself, to believe in God. When you have these two things you will not feel alone.
Why do you say you are ugly inside? I think that a person who is ugly inside will not say this for sure. So, just feeling ugly actually denote you are beautiful. It is good sometimes to under appreciate yourself. feeling in this way you give a lot more to the people around you.
Get more outside, practice sports, read the Bible, build up the stones for your faith.
Your boyfriend will come one day to you.

Regarding happy faces you see on the street: there are many struggles behind them; but they manage to move on.

So, once again, you are not ugly - you have a beautiful soul. You are healthy, there is not war, you have family and friends - just hope and have faith: you will be happy!

Pray... and Read the Bible so you could an answer from God. :) trust me, if you do this, you'll be relief.. :)

I am not a Christian, but I believe in God and I know he listens.. I THINK he listens though..

don't think, trust and have faith... you can test God, and be ready for what he response to you... ;)

I know the feeling. I've been there. For a long time. Now I'm in no better place. I'm not alone but I am at the same time. I settled because I wanted to feel loved so desperately. It wasn't worth it. Just be patient tout person will come around.

So how are you feeling now? Do you believe in 'that person'? You know, 'the one'?

I still feel alone. I want him to be that person be my one. But I don't really know what to hope for anymore.

Honestly sometimes I feel like giving up.

Don't give up. Please don't. Someone is out there waiting to meet you and they feel the same way. Just think how happy they'll be when it happens.

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