If You Need Someone To Talk To

I'm always around :)

You can talk to me about your problems or if you just want to make friends , I don't mind. I love to help people. I'm a good listener and I might be able to give you some advice because I'm analytic and always use reason instead of gut feelings :)

Do add me ^-^ , I promise I won't bite~
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please add me i would love to talk to you

Won't bite, not a tiny bit?... ;)

You sound a lot like us. We have a unique life style and tastes that mainstream society can not deal with. So, our public face bares very little resemblance to who we are. One of the reasons we are on EP is to find people who also have that unique aspect to their lives that they must conceal. We do not judge people except by their actions. And our basic rule is "first do no harm." As long as no one is harmed by your beliefs and actions, then no one has the right to condemn you. They don't have to agree with you or condone your beliefs or actions. And that is us. If we don't agree, we just don't associate.
If you would care for a cpl like us (our stories and blog is a good representation of who we are), please feel free to get back to us.

I sent you a pm

You offer a caring and compassionate spirit and that's so lovely to know. Thank you for being you!

i need ur help as i m so sad..

i am normally on ep alot and always ready to chatt

I need help...

am i normal lol

im going threw a difficult time trying to get ready to say goodbye to a relative who is really close to me cause im moving away from him and i don;t know how to get over it im starting to have dreams about it

yeah thanks i actually need that

every vampire normally promises not to bite until.........ur bitten


Usually i offer my ears to peoplewho need to talk with someone... Right now i am the one who needsto talk with someone... I just added you :)
thank you

I could use someone if you don't mind me sharing relationship or intimacy isssues. Message me if willing to talk.

i have no girl dear

where i find that girl who understand my feelings

i look around but i find nothing except sadness

no i think i am not lucky enough

ya maybe i don,t think so

will you become my girl friend?

ok dear no problem :)

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Lets talk them! I havent got many problems to discuss but i appreciate a friend to talk

i want to hug a girl what should i do???

i have no girl dear

i need someone to talk to..... i am staying at my parent's right now preparing for an exam... my life sucks.. i have no friends here.. there are so many things bottled up inside me... i just wanna tell those things to someone without being judged or sympathized... maybe you could be my therapist... lol...

i just added you.. :)