here i go again. i need to talk to someone and i don't feel i can trust my friends and family. i sure as heck don't want to post all my problems on here because i know i will leave out important facts and factors and not get the closure i am looking for. if you are truly interested and believe you can help a woman that keeps having failed long term commitments please let me know. i need to poor my heart out to someone who may actually understand or actually be able to help.
thank you
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meeee chat with meeeeeeee <3 ^_^

dear friend we all need some one to talk to outside friends and family , i dont judge or condem others
i also keep ep secret rom my family and close friends any time you wish to talk just ask me send a message

I am willing to listen and help if I can

We can try and see what happens

would love to talk with you

Dont worry about it. You dont sound concered. Who is???? Relax. Just you sound like its a joy ride.

if it's ok, I'll help if I can

I'd love to help. I've had the same problem my whole life. I had 3 really bad marriages and some bad relationships too. Two great ones but something bad always seems to happen.
My last one lasted almost 3 years and we got along great until I moved in with her, then her 32 yr old daughter came between us and split us apart.
How about we chat by phone if you give me your name and number I'd love to talk to you. My name is Rob...oh, and sorry to hear about your mom. Mine passed away too. :-(

Hugs sweetie,

sorry i dont give that info out

I was passing by and see this story, if u would like u can add me i added you to my circle anyway.

hi i am a 55 year old male in australia, so i have a bit of experience in life i would be happy to help you with any probs you may have you can be open with me and I will be completaly honest with you, so ask away

would love to talk with you

maybe we can talk? to share each other

if you want to talk to someone with an older perspective...just let me know...

This is the world of anonymous connections. People have their own agenda's, but they can't hurt you or do anything with secrets you confide. If you want to chat or just rant, them send me a message.

If you ever need an ear to listen then, my door is always open

i will do

would love to talk with you

i know that feeling, i am in a vary similar situation, I am willing to give a sympathetic ear or eye. PM me and i can set you up with my IM

u can email me if you want at cresswellkristin@yahoo.com