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I Really Do.

I am going through something that is crippling me. I don't know how to deal with it. I've turned to God and it's helping. I put all my faith in him, but sometimes it would be nice to have feedback from a person. My problem is, is thats its just such a long, draining story, I never have the heart to share it with people. Only bits and pieces. I don't trust people easily, and it would crush me to tell the whole story to someone who ended up not caring, insincere in their offering of an ear.
Punk1n Punk1n 31-35, F 5 Responses Nov 7, 2012

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You know you can always talk to me. I don't judge but I won't sugar coat how I feel either. You know me I say what I feel. I have before and upset you. If you want to just cut and paste what you already wrote to Adonis that is cool with me. Also, I feel I can finally be a good friend as I have healed from your picking coisty over me initially.

I never picked Coisty over you!!!!! You were with Dee!!! And I was never really "with" him. He wanted more and I didn't, but he could't or refused to hear me when I told him that. Im sorry if I hurt you Copper. At the time I wasnt looking for anything like that on here. And you are a good friend.

And I never knew you had those kinds of feelings for me, honestly!

Well coisty made us all feel like you were his territory and for us to back off. You seemed to go along with it happily. As for dee.. well just like you I wasn't looking for anything either. You know how ep stuff is different than real life stuff. People have ep mothers and fathers ep sisters and brothers even so twins. I won't deny I had a crush on you, but I also wanted to respect the coisty thing even though I knew he was messianic around with others here. Whatever.. like I said water under the bridge.

Well I just enjoyed talking to him, he made me laugh, but he started to get really possessive. And it had to stop. Im sorry if I hurt your feelings. I thought you and Dee lived together??? o.O

awww....I would be lesbian for you sugarbutt!!!

We do.. I mean like she is my real life wife you would have been my ep wife.. but this is getting really uncomfortable fast. Lol. So like I said water under the bridge. Now lets change the subject quick like.

lol. ok sorry. Im glad we are still friends. =)

I would make out with you in a heart beat lilcup.. or just wander around shooting pics.. or better yet.. both!

So punkin? What are my odd of being able to hear your long tale this post refers too? And we still friends.. we never stopped being friends. Once I friend, no matter what, I never unfriend.

Im glad. I dont know. I still havent told Adonis. I dont know if I will. Just hurts too bad. Maybe one day.

it's cool. I get it. Some **** is too hard to express without giving it strength and reopening wounds. It is not like I don't have **** I can't talk about. But then I didn't write a story about how I need to talk to someone about the **** I can't talk about.

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See how lucky you are? You're surrounded by sympathetic friends

You really need to tell me what's going on, I'm always here for you if you need the ear and counsel.

Its just such a long story honey.

i don't care, tell me

Ill send you a pm later. Im cleaning out my circle right now. I never talk to 3/4 of these people. I need to be more selective when adding.

Yeah I only talk to a handful of people here

Some of these people I dont even remember adding and they havent been on in over a year. I miss Coisty. I wish he hadnt of left. I feel bad about that. =( It was my fault.

awh coisty... :/
The past has passed though sis' - the way to make things better is to live a better life <3

I know. I really liked him. We had a good time. He wanted more than I could give. I hope he is well wherever he is.

and that's all you can do I think- hope for the best d

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I think your best bet is to write it out here and I'm sure someone will be sympathetic. That was the initial purpose of EP after all, to offer support to those in need.

I am sympathetic, but more detail is needed. Are you literally becoming crippled you, or is it metaphorical? If it's literal, you might do better to put more faith in a specialist doctor

Its metaphorical.