Introverts Need Friends Too.

I can't stand the country I was born, raised, and still stuck in; not for the politics, scenery, living, water, work, or other reasons as such (I know and believe that everywhere needs improvement so material things don't really matter), but because I am an extremely pensive, introverted, and logical person living in a very superficial, extroverted, and emotional society. It really is so difficult because I understand that emotions, as well as the mind, need to feel like they're growing towards fulfillment in order to be happy, but I am just not getting that. Since it seems, even in settings like philosophy clubs, that people let their egos get in the way that everything because so dramatic and emotional so easily. Whether it be at the club, in the pool, in an academic setting, it really does appear, to me, that drama is created if anything is viewed as differently than the initial speaker. It is really frusterating to me because since I hold strong to my logical side, my emotions do not typically get in the way when I'm listening to someone that I disagree with. I typically take it as an opportunity to let my mind grow more by trying to understand someone or something that is different than my point of view; even if it truly does show to be untrue, it is interesting (to me) on why they may believe it as whatever they believe it to be. Well, being in an extroverted society people constantly have small talk and affirming positive conversations (I hear it constantly at work when I listen in on people as well as experience it trying to meet more people, etc.). It might not seem like there is anything wrong with this, but to me there is. It all seems like half-truths. I can't stand not looking at something with one view-point; it honestly makes me feel like an idiot. That being said, even the things I find seemingly true, I still keep an opened mind to other possible reasoning. That is the other major thing I can't stand about the country I currently reside in; the closed mindedness! It drives me nuts! It seems as though everyone here thinks their way of life is the best; honestly, to me, I think my way of living is the best... FOR ME! That is the only person I think that for only because I have no idea whatever else is going through someone else's mind and I surely don't know what's best for their life and dreams. I would be SO much easier for me if everyone viewed the opened mindedness aspect at least a little more similar to mine, but I've accepted that in my current area it is just rare to come by, unfortuneately. Anyway, I don't feel like I can find anyone who's seeminglessly unbiased enough to not be offended by a differing outlook where I currently am. Does anyone else feel this way and want to talk? Does anyone else feel like a foreigner in their home country? I would just love to live somewhere where being an introvert is considered the "norm" or at least more "socially acceptable".


P.S. I have been working for the last few years to make a country switch, but I plan on opening a business where I move to because I don't want to take a job from a citizen who could have it and I'd also like to provide job opportunities for other citizens since so much of the world seems to be burdened with high unemployment at the time.
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Bravo!!! Well said.
I have always found myself with the same mind frame as you. You just made me think of my life in depth. I am open to talk if you would like.