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I'm Unhappy

I feel like everybody is always getting at me ( my mum And dad) they seem to blame me for everything that happens my mum gets at me all the time and blames constantly I spend most of my time In my room away from people.
I normally say guess that was my fault again then but I get no reply
Gingerlad Gingerlad 13-15 4 Responses Nov 13, 2012

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You are not the only person out there.
To me, my room is like heaven on earth.
and usually, It isn't your fault!
people have different ways of dealing with things, so take it easy and look for the path that both you and your parents can take together.

I have the same problem. I feel your pain. It has caused me to cry in class one time.

When i feel like people are getting at me or if i get angry i go running. It clears my mind and gives me time to think about things.

Hi. I grew up thinking everything was my fault, and am still fighting the feeling, but I know in my head that it's not possible for one person to always be at fault for everything. I know this doesn't change the feelings, but sometimes repeating it in my head helps.