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Hi well this site is new to me and I think its pretty cool! I know life can get rough just from personal experience alone. I've actually lived a pretty good life up until recent, but I have alot of support so I feeling as good as you can you know! i've been injured for a few years now and hoping to be realesed from my prison in like 5 months. I have alot of time on my hands and alot of interesting stories to tell about things going on in this world around us! i love talking with people especially people who just need a friend. you can add me on skype and we can be virtual buddies :) . im non judgemental and find joy in helping. david.peter17 is my skype. Don't feel embarresed someday I may need you to just be a friend to me.
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that feeling of being surrounded by a lot of people and not even knowing who to turn too it sucks I just wish there was somebody that atleast tried to understand what i feel <3 i feel like im broken I hate being like this I don't know what's going on with me :(

hi, my name is grecia... u sound nice and i really could use a friend, but am kind of scared, u're not weird are u?

I would enjoy having someone to talk to. Sometimes it's healthy just to vent and get it all out. I am a great listener if you would like to chat.

i have never done this befor but i have no one to talk to

I have an amazing supportive boyfriend, but I get so jealous, and am not confident in myselftto believe he'll always love me.. only me..and only want me. I always think the minute he finds someone better he will be gone. it's a mental thing with me though, I've felt that way with every guy I've been with. Andrew does not give me any reason to doubt him though, he is very devoted and loyal and reliable and loving. how do I stop craving so much attention and feeling low?

yoda said the dark vedor when we was a good guy. right before he turned .Annakin. the fear of loss is a path to the dark side. I think that you feel so passionate is a good thing..but i think you should love yourself more than you love him. give him the benefit of the doubt because if you start spying on him and making him feel uncomfertable you just may lose him. if he hasnt shown any reason trust him until he shows otherwise. Enjoy the moment. I personally like girls that I am a compliment to there lives and I am not there whole life. i by no means claim i got all the answers. but Im sure that will help a bit

thank you, I think you're right that I need to enjoy the moment and give him the benefit of the doubt..and I do very much agree that the fear of loss is the way to the dark side, because that's what has happened to me. and that's what I want to get rid of. I just don't know how. I am good at controlling myself and actions and mood around him.. it's just deep down I still have these insecurities..even though I don't act on them, or make them an issue to him.. they eat me up.. little by little.. weather I know better or not. what I'm trying to say, is that I am smart enough, and respect him enough not to impede on him, or direct negative energy towards him.. or cause problems. but the problem is i want to relax myself. i couldnt trust guys i was with before.. for good reason. but now that ive found a guy who has a good set of morals , values, and level of respect.. and who loves me unconditionally.. i know i dont have to worry or be suspicious, or insecure anymore.. i know that.. and i know he would never be unfaithful, or unethical.. but i cant feel that. i just cant figure out how to stop being insecure..worrying..and getting terribly jealous.. i can not figure out what deep down is still frightening me.. or causing me to have such jealousy.. and spite. i honestly get spiteful and terrified if he hangs out with another girl , or one of his exs. ( his exs are all still good friends with him, and i also know them really well and really enjoy them, he was friends with them before he ever knew me, and its not strange that hes still friends with them now. ) but i feel like a jerk that i feel that way deep down, and i know its not right, i dont rationalize it . but i want it to stop. I don't want it to grow into something that will start interfering with him. ...

there's no way to get aound it, love has its ups and downs. Best thing is to always love him but remember to love yourself more. He may not always be around, just be the best that you can be and ride with the wave. Life's an adventure rides with the ways. Feeling passionate is better than feeling dead inside.

Like seriously

Will u be my friend