Im Amputating In 4 Days And I Have No Idea What Im Doing. Im Freaking Out!!!!

In a few days I will be amputating below the knee. Im 28 and cant talk to anyone. Im pretending to be cool about it, but really Im freaking out. I have no idea what Im doing and its really hard to deal with. Does it ever get easier or is this just how life will be after the surgery. What should I expect???
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hi. im nicole :) i worked at a military hospital where i saw a lot of people with amputations. first off, you will be healthier and feel better almost immediately because the harmful tissues will be gone. if you'd like, i can see if i could get in touch with some lady veterans who have had amputations for you to connect with me. you can email me back on here.

I found this on line. I wrote something on caps. The things that I think are important, good luck!

What Helps?

People say that what really helps in the long term is to find positive meaning and purpose after their amputation….

“I had no idea that I am a strong person!”
“I’ve discovered that I have a creative side and can find new ways to do things!”
“I took things for granted until I lost my leg, now I realize what is important to me.”
Amputation is a profound loss that affects both the individual and family on all levels. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: How you choose to deal with your amputation will help determine the quality of your life. It really is up to you!

Being dependent and feeling a loss of control over their lives is one of the most frustrating changes that people experience after amputation. It is important to recognize what you can control and what things are beyond your control. Regaining control over your life can begin in small ways:

Take control of decision making as soon as possible. Family may have had to make decisions for you while you were ill.
Be clear with yourself and others as to what you are capable of doing for yourself and how they can help if need be.
IMPORTANT : Recognize that your frustration at being dependent on others will lessen as you regain your independence and feel more comfortable asking for help when needed.

Just like I did now you ca find tons of things on line, read self help book when you feel better and talking helps, if you can't find someone you feel comfortable with talk to yourself or god if you believe. Also, keep a journal, write on the third person it helps a lot to see a solution, you will have to come to an end at one point always aim for a good end and you will see how easy it is to feel vetter when we write on the first person sometimes it's hard to see the whole picture.

Hope this helped

It will not be as hard. Do not tell yourself things will be hard i dont know if i will make it. Whenever I fnd myself in a hard situation I think og other people who also did what I want to do, and it all becomes easier because I know that other people have gone through it and done it too. I would suggest you get to know more people who have gone through what you are going through, and ask them how they coped, and what things they would suggest that you do. Ask them what happens after the surgery and things like that. People usually are happy to help others if they can. Just ask. If you have a really close friend who you trust a lot or a relative talk to them and maybe they can do some research for you, also talk to the nurses. Nurses are passionate about helping people, that's why they are nurses. My point is talking is the key. You can talk to me too if you want send me a message or post on my whiteboard.

Good luck!

know a few that have had it done
but please do not be like a friend i was in the hospital years ago with he was upper leg and they had done a few operations on his leg getting it ready for the last one
which was suppose to have been on a friday morning
but that wensday night we had a dinner that would come out and pick us up from the navial hospital for dinner and drinks and i guess he had a little to much to drink and he decided the stump looked like the head of a shark a blue shark well to make the story short there was a tatoo place just down the street and he came home in a cab to the ortho ward noone said much or really any thing while there were doing the pre ope stuff it was not for a few hours later that all hell broke losse in the ward
and we all got warned that if this every happened again some one was going to be in big trouble as the wheel danny back in to his bed with his tump open to air here is this 18 inch shark head on his stump took them 6 month beofre the could redue

i dont know what to expect just letting you know you have a friend who will be thinking of you and sending you hugs good luck hun please let me know how you are doing when you can

ya thats what everyone says. And Im sure youre right, but its still pretty freaky.

I don't know but I will say good luck. And it will make you a much stronger person!