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Dont Know What I Did

I have lost all my friends... just last week I was popular everyone loved me. And now I'm nothing trash left on the street. I'm a 3 sport athelte, music, and acting are my passion. I have cut myself to many times now. Suicide is not the way but I don't know what to do. Everytime I try to talk to my old friends I get shot down and insulted. I haven't done anything wrong. I dont know what I did to deserve this.
SwanSauce SwanSauce 16-17 4 Responses Nov 23, 2012

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It must be awful for you, but that too happened to me. I didn`t do the things you did but that happened with me with my friends all i did was ignore they are only taking pleasure in your reaction by seeing you upset, all you have to do is keep your head high and ignore them and so what if they are horrible to you, they`re just trying to hurt and make themselves fill bigger. If you ignore them and talk to people you maybe haven`t then they might welcome you back slowly but I got my friends back as they were jealous i was having fun, I`m now the boss of them ;) everything will get better

Focus more on what you love like sport music and acting, and make new friends. Maybe your old friends are jealous of you. I have always like to go with the flow, if my current friends no longer want to be my friends, I'd show them the door or walk out myself. You don't need them Hun, just need to love yourself more, and still a ton more people out there to be friends with. Cheers :)0

No idea what changed, but keep in mind that people (especially teenagers) can be needlessly cruel at times. Often they're trying to compensate for some deficiency in their own lives - by putting someone else down, they think they'll feel better - so these insults probably say more about them than they do about you. And they're clearly not the kind of people you want to be friends with anyway. Teen years are tough - hang in there and try to keep your options open for the future (focus on your education, don't start a family too soon, stay out of legal troubles, etc).

do did nothing to deserve it i look at it this way they were not true best friend to begin with if the insult you and shoot you down. look at it this way your now given the chance to make better friends that will stick by you when things get hard.