Round 2

I meet my husband in 2003. My parents just moved out of state and I was a single parent with a two year old. My husband and I meet at work and then within months I moved him in. He could not keep a job. He started to show is true colors. Drugs, stealing, lying, using me for years. I put up with so much it was unreal exactly what I put up with. He even would spend our bill money on drugs. Smoke drugs around my son while I was working and having his friends come in my house and party. I was a fool for many years. I finally left him in 2008 and moved to my parents in another state. We went through a divorce and by the end of 2008 I went back to him. Yes I know I shouldnt have. But, the reason I did was becuase he had changed. He stayed out of trouble he quit drugs and hanging out with his friends. He got a job and let me go back to school. We recently got remarried in July of 2012. But in the past year he has started to smoke that K2 crap. The fake marijuana that everyone does when they want to pass drug test and still get a high. He spends hundreds of dollars of our money and even took some money from my son (birthday money that was given to him) to go get this K2 crap. He been doing this behind my back for weeks. Especially after he got fired for drinking on the job and blow 3x the legal limit while driving a company truck . When I found out that he was using this K2 behind my back was during the Thanksgiving week while my mother was in town. He spent $400 hundreds of our last money to get high on K2. I kicked him out the night before Thanksgiving. He barely tries to communicate to me . I have to be the first to contact him. He says he is made because I kicked him out. Doesn't make since. He says I talk down to him and I can see me doing that because I dont have respect for him. But for some reason I feel bad for doing it because my son loves him like it was his very own daddy. He has helped me raise my son and has been a good father to him. A lot better than his biological father. I guess being with him so long I believe I cant live without him because I will struggle. But heck I am struggling with him anyways. I know I should let him go but why cant I?
confusedfor10years confusedfor10years
Nov 25, 2012