I Miss It

I miss having someone to talk to.
You know, that person you can say anything to, and that really listens?
No one seems to really care these days, not with me anyway.
They just listen because they have to, and you can tell when they are not paying atention, you know?
I just miss it. I´ve been keeping things inside for too long.
I guess that person is hard to find, or maybe I dont know how to look?
I dont know.
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3 Responses Nov 26, 2012

if you need someone to talk to, just message me im willing to listen and give advice or just be a friend that's around when need be :)

I can definitely relate to the feeling, It's been a very long time since I felt like I had a real true friend. Too many fake and phony people out there so I mainly stay to myself... Until today, things just got so built up I had to make an account but as I was making my profile all that stress and anger slowly went away. Hope you find what your looking for! FoxTrotter

Do you miss someone in particular or the idea of having people in your life that are concerned about you and your wellbeing?