How Do You Know?

I think I was in love once.

I met a guy a few years ago and he was great. We became friends and we spend hours talking to each other online. Sometimes, I'd stay awake till late in the morning just to talk to him. And every time I thought about him, my heart would skip a beat. It got so bad that he was all I thought about. I couldn't concentrate because he was all that filled my mind. I'd reread his old messages, or play them again and again in my mind and I would smile every time I thought about him. I started to trust him so I began opening up to him. I didn't want to seem too eager so I usually waited for him to initiate the conversation and he usually did. But one day, I waited for him to talk to me and he didn't. Then a week passed, then a month and I realized that something was wrong. I tried to find out what had happened between us to make him stop talking to me but he refused to say and I could not handle seeing his name and not being able to talk to him. I deleted him from all my social networks and erased his number from my phone. I was crushed. Over time, I stopped thinking about him, but every so often I do and my heart still betrays me with a flutter...

Natie Natie
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Hi Natie, have you guys ever met? If not, maybe he got tired of the online thing and got attracted to someone more closer (in distance). If so, then It may take some time to get over him, as it would anyone you had great feelings for. What you did is for the best, no sense in trying to get him to talk to you if he has no desire to do so. He wasn't the last but one of the ones that won't be forgotten.