Lack Of Emotions... I Guess

so, i don't really know what to say to explain what i mean. I feel like i am empty, a shell just walking though a life. I have people that i care about, but i don't feel empathy, or anything really. I usually don't get depressed or anything like that, its either i'm ok or indifferent.... to everything.
I've felt like this for a while, and i hate it. I hate it when people tell me that i don't care, or that i'm heartless.
nikoli40 nikoli40
1 Response Nov 27, 2012

I know what indifference is and how it manifests, I personally do not let words express what I feel or think. Even though I do not care about a lot of people or can be and have been described as heartless I always use actions and deeds rather than words or smiles. It doesn't mean it will work out for you.If you truly are indifferent but care about your loved ones,tell them or show them in any way you can think of. If you cannot do that then time alone will do wonders for you.