Overwhelmed And Don't Know What To Do

Lately I've been under a lot of stress and a lot going on through my mind. I have a hard time opening up to people. Because of some issues in the past where I've opened up to people and it's backfired on me. When I opened up to people in the past they either use it against me, never understand or I get yelled at. I thought I could confine in my own mom and she runs and tells my sister and then she tells her husband. And I might as well be on sucide watch when that happens. I just wish I had someone I could talk to that won't yell, judge me and would understand my side of things every once in awhile. There's things I've kept bottled up for sometime and it's ripping me apart on the inside. Sometimes I wish I could just cry and let it all out. I don't know who I can turn to. And I'm in a position where I don't know what to do. It seems like everybody's expecting a lot out of me lately and I'm doing all I can do and it seems like the more you bend over backwards for people the more they want. I don't what to do and sometimes I just want to explode.
tngurl25 tngurl25
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

I know exactly how you feel people are so full of themselves and think they know everything. It sucks.

hey girly! i got the smae thing going on for me along with alot of other things and i hate being judged or yelled at so chatting would be good:) you csn just send me a message if you ever want to talk! i got your back!

thanks and the same here..if you ever want to talk just message me too :)