The Name Of The Group Says It All.

I had a long term relationship end in May of this year. I left everything behind and took a bartending job in a small tourist town in the middle of nowhere. I made friends and great new girlfriend, but it is a seasonal town. The summer ended and they all left. I tried to make the relationship work, but she lives all the way across the country and it was too hard for her and now I feel like I have nobody. The town is nearly empty and I am spending every night alone in my saloon spare the occasional rancher or hunter. I have no idea what I am doing with my life in any aspect. I was supposed to go back and finally finish my college degree after taking 7 years off but couldn't get my financial aid straightened out. My family thinks I'm a failure. Most nights I can't even sleep because my mind wanders in every direction.
outhereandlost outhereandlost
26-30, M
Nov 27, 2012