I Need A True Female Friend

Hi, My name is Dana and I'm in need of a true girlfriend that will accept me for who I am. I am a male to female crossdresser who wife is not that supportive and doesn't like to talk about Dana being a real person with true female emotional feelings. I'm looking for a female with an open mind that I can talk to, tell her my inner feelings, become best friends and share things with each other. If you are looking for a really close girlfriend to talk to, I'm your girl. All I'm looking for is just a honest friendship where I can be myself. If this is you, please respond. I will be the best friend you will ever have and that's a promise. I am real to who I am will be true to you in this friendship.

Look forward to hearing from that special girl.

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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

you always have a friend in me, id love to have you as a best friend and you can talk to me about anything, i promise. id love to share my stories with you too

Hey Dana Im here if u ever want to talk :)

i think so but im not sure im still new here too lol in Diane by the way.

I do see ur name i think its only u thats see the me since thats what is next to mine as well. yes i am in colorado what part r u going to?