Living With My Deseases

Hi, my name is Mandy, I have M.S, LUPUS, RHUMATOID ARTHRIRIS, OSTEO ARTHRITIS, DEGINARTIVE JOINT DISEASE, I have 2 girls age 12 & 9. I fight every day for them. Im disabled & only draw less than 700 a month I was living with my mom & step dad. Until the man that I knew as DAD since I was 2 yrs. old well lets just say he didn't think of me as his Daughter anymore. So i had 2 leave. I moved into the cheapest place i could find 575 a month. My mom moved with me & got a divorce from him. Now i was told by my specialist that im going 2 need a total hip replacement soon. Ive never been 2 the beach or seen the ocean niether has my girls. They have been through alot & diserve this trip i want to walk the beach with them I dont want 2 be in a wheelchair. I just hope i can hold out till i get my back pay & take them 2 malibu california. Im going there with my girls if i have 2 crawl. Just need a good friend to talk to.
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Nov 28, 2012