Oh Man

my ex who completely crushed me just stopped by my house to drop off my "favorite shirt" but I'm positive she just did it to see me. How can I move on if she keeps trying to talk to me and see me? ugh it hurts just seeing her again after 7 months and the shirt smells just like her :'( ugh help me!!!
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

I'm guessing she misses you. My ex did this type of thing to me. It's selfishness, she destroyed you and yet she wants to see you. I told my ex to never talk to me again and if she sees me in a public place don't come talk to me. It seems mean but if your like me her checking up on you just puts you back in the same place you were when she left. You can tell her that if she really cares she will never talk to you again.

Maybe just tell her next time, "I don't want to see you ever again." You could also explain why( if you want to), "because I need time to heal." If she continues you can threaten her with a restaining order.
If I don't like someone at work but I don't want to tell them, "I don't ever want to hang out with you under any circumstance." then I make it too much hassle by always being busy, never answering the phone, being a flake.
Sorry man, my ex's best friend came to my work last week and stirred a lot of feelings just seeing a mutal friends.