I Don't Want To Be..

I believe that life has it's ups and downs but lately I've been this sad person who i don't recognize anymore. I no longer find life worth fighting for?
I got into a major depression which pretty much ruined everything. I had lost two of my best friends and so my trust on everyone. We moved last year to another town which cause more problems than the ones that already existed. My parents won't stop fighting on every thing they can fight about. It all came at a really bad timing. I lost interest in my studies and took a year leave and I'm not sure i wanna go back. I never wanted to go to medicine college in a first place which I realize now it's one of the reasons I got depressed.
I like to think that I'm better now, I stopped crying everyday, my appetite is getting better, I talk to my family again. But I just don't know how to get back on my feet again...
Blueh Blueh
22-25, F
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

I went through a break up with a girl after we moved out to a new city. She left me alone in a strange town with no friends. I dropped out of school and haven't gone back. But I'm going next semester for a different degree. I realized my life is mine and I can only control what I do. Do what you want to do in life. Switch degrees or maybe just don't go back. Don't sit still life will keep moving and the problems will just build up and become harder and harder to deal with. Face them head on and remember you are strong enough to push through. You will met new people and new friends. You seem to be pulling yourself up. The first step is eating again. Who cares if you cry a lot, it just means you are a person with feelings. I hope things work out.