Till When Can I See You Like This?

Now I'm in the 11th grade, and today I got bored and opened my crushes timeline on facebook, and saw some pictures from back when we used to study in the same class, 2 years ago. I was still in junior high, the first time I actually meet him. Before that, we only knew names, but that year I got the chance to get to know him. D was a mysterious guy, he was one of the best soccer players in our grade, he was smart, funny, but he's using this poker face mask everyday, and only take them off infront of his friends. I liked him a lot, even though he did nothing. It was so sad. He was so untouchable, I can't seems to do anything right around him, and I think it didn't really gave him a good impression of me. I was careless, not pretty, I got bad grades, and socially challenged (I think).
At that time, all I think about was, "It's alright, you still have 3 years to see him, your still in junior high, you got plenty of time."
Well today I just realize that, I only have 1 and a half year left to see him in that uniform, playing soccer, passing through each other in the corridors, enjoying his laugh secretly. I also realize how pathetic I am. It's not that I didn't change, I've gotten so much better, it's him that I don't get. I have no idea how to reach him, he's still untouchable. I asked some of his friends for advice, but even they don't know how to help me.
I really like him, and he's how the ladies man type, he was never close with girls. What can I do to be close with him? While he and I are very different, he's a scorpio and I'm a pisces :(
Please if anyone have any advice, comments, critics, I'm all ears :)
I just need someone to talk to...
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Add him in FaceBook,and try to talk to him.You know you will regret if you not doing so,because you are not giving yourself a chance.Be brave and go for it.

The greatest love of my life was so out of my reach. I laid it all on the line and asked her out. Dated for 3 years I would of never had that if I didn't take a chance. Just go for it or else it will just be regret. My love broke my heart but I'm so glad I took the chance. If you are not going to go for it don't obsess about him it will just make you more upset.

thank you for telling me your story, maybe I can do the same thing as you did :)