It's Scary But You Enjoy It.

Me as a .. Kid I geuss you call it have been through hell I stay faithful as a christian and Have tried my best not to swear but once you see you dad get stabbed and barley survive and visit your mom in prison at only 2-5 months You'd struggle, Me I don't and I have been bullied , Punched, Nearly stabbed, Raped and honestly I'm 12 Yeah Not old enough for this website or ... Even know swear words but my life is like a tragic movie and I'm the lead role ...Its scary but eventualy you enjoy it because You know you get stronger .. I have cut and tried suicide I've stopped fights and been in fights I have ran from the cops and gotten caught by them For someone so young Its scary my foster parents Never think of it like that because they don't know .... I Am sooo afraid of public speaking and public in general I fainted while just looking at my class in a presentation.. Haha I pulled a muscle doing it but
Your probably thinking gosh shes crazy or wow she needs help but I regret nothing I just want to inspire someone and change a life and someday act never being afraid of my life and soon to be able to fall in love or be someones one and only not just someones ... ***** as they call me .

I want someone to know that .. No hate.
Deadlylovely13 Deadlylovely13
Nov 30, 2012