I had some rest from work, for couple of days. I stayed with my family, went out with my friends. Everything is good so far.
Why am i in a bad mood again then? Its like i suddenly feel sad, empty, and i don't even know the reason.
I want to be alone, i want to cry, but then again im thinking what happened? everything is great with you, stop this. Its like im wasting my time to all this crap, being sad and etc. and i don't want this.
Its like nothing is good enough for me. i wanted to have rest from work - i did. now what? i wanted to spend time with my family and friends - i did. whats wrong now?
I feel like i always need a reason to be sad or angry. im tired of it. and i don't know what to do with it.
Samik123 Samik123
1 Response Dec 1, 2012

Discovering why may be the answer you need. Is there something you need to address? Is sadness a habit? I have learned that happiness is a personal choice but it is not always easy.

yes exactly, it's like in my head i always tell myself that i am happy, and i dnt have any reasons to be sad, or angry and etc. but its hard to stick with these thoughts.