Just Need A Few Listeners

Several years ago my mother suffered some very tragic side effects from a routine surgery. At that time, I chose to leave my job to care for her. I do not regret that decision and would make the same one today, even knowing what all would happen after such. Before anyone asks, here are some of what did happen after such scrambling to constantly find part time work, learning the ins and outs of various charitable agencies, losing a house and car due to foreclosure/repossession, /being forced to sell off items I had gathered over the years, etc.

Still in the overall scheme of things those are kind of minor. I mean sure I am depressed over various events. Who wouldn't be. But, I still have my health (sort of) and I still have my mind. One thing which is not so minor though is that unfortunately in the ensuing years, most of my friends have taken other paths and I find myself often wanting/needing to vent a bit, yet there is no one there I can vent too. Sometimes though it isn't so much as me needing to talk, but me needing to hear others talk. I feel as if I am losing touch with the world and living in a little bubble. So, if you are around and reading this, please help me out. Let me be your listener, or if you desire, become one of mine on occasions.
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Whenever you need to get something off your chest, remember I'm here for you! I will gladly come to you with any problems I'm facing as I know you'd be a great listener! :)

I'm all ears :)<br />
Problem is, I'm not always online and thus, could be a potential poor listener, since the proverb goes "forewarned forearmed". Never-the-less, I'm here and giving it my best shot. :)