I Can't Stop Crying

Up till now i've been coping, trying to put on a smile. But it's happened, One little thing has set me off. Once i start crying i can never stop. I think it's all the crap built up in me releasing. My mother thinks im useless, when she gets angry she can really throw a dig. I was bathing my nephew while she was talking to me and as i turned my head to listen to her my nephew slipped and banged his head, i felt absolutely awful, he has a bruise now. Anyway when it happened she blew, she came out with names i wouldn't dare to mention. She made me feel like utter rubbish. The words she says really REALLY hurt me, she probably doesn't mean it but, well them words stick, they stick inside my head and they stay there forever, she does it all the time and i cant stand up to her. im too fragile and weak. And the fact that i've got bigger problems buried inside of me makes it all the worse. I need to talk to someone :(
moonsome moonsome
Dec 1, 2012