I Can't Even Think Of A Suitable Title.

Everything is piling up in my head and i really need to get it out before i have some kind of major panic attack or something. I even had a go at a nice guy today.
My dad died and i feel like i need a father figure to hold me right now and my mum walked out on us before i could even think about what aglebra meant. Why am i even thinking about algebra?! James has died too and he was the only person i could really talk to and my other brother is on drugs despite my help and refuses to be seen with me because he thinks im too happy. My best friend for 6 years is like a sister to me but i can't even seem to talk to her or my boyfriend about anything thats ******* me off. s'cuse my french but i really can't be bothered with watching my language right now. Im fed up of being ill and stupid chinese takeaways who give my 3 housemates plus me food-poisoning and all these professors who think i know what a Tegaderm adhesive dressing is when i clearly don't. Also, for the people who think they can just get photos of my by saying 'heres my email. send me a shot' can jog on. And by the way Mr Trew (landlord) you can have that 700 quid when i feel like giving it to you.

Oh and for the guy who i yelled at earlier- im sorry. you know who you are.

You don't even have to read this. I just had to write it out.

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Dec 2, 2012