Here I Am Again , Feeling Depressed And Wanting To Kill Myself Because My Boyfriend Left Me, I Need Someone To Talk To Every Day.

My boyfriend treated me like **** the whole relationship i have wrote about this before here, and now after 1 year and 9 months he left me . I can t stop crying , i can t eat, i feel so depressed, i wanna die.
I need someone to talk to every day, someone who will comfort me , who will listen to me , give me advices, someone who will be shoulder to cray on. Someone who will keep me alive. If you are interested pleas contact me.
I don t have meany friends , and my friends don t care.
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Hi :),
It is not your boyfriend who has left you it is your misery which has left you, your sadness has left you, a person who was punishing you has left you which is a good thing, I am very sure you are beautiful so my dear beautiful lady just relax and be happy the guy of your dreams loves you and wants you it is just a matter of time that he will come and find you , until them be happy and smile,
He treated you badly because he did know how to treat a royal princess.

I know he is no good for me. But i m so sad, and i can t understand why did he treat me like that. How can someone do that to anyone. Then i start to blame myself, did he treat me like that because i m ugly ? unattractive? stupid ? not funny ? I start to think that is my fault , that no one will ever love me , that i m unlovable. I loved him so much and it is really hard lousing him.

I keep thinking that he wouldn't do those things that he did to me to someone who he will really like and love.
He made me believe that he loves me and than keep treating me very bad.

oh, i m ugly, skinny, don t have bobs or as, i m not funny , dance horrible, constantly depressed, i don't have money, i dress really bad because i can t buy clothes.
My ex boyfriend said all those things to me while we were together, and now i believe all those words he said.
I have lost all of my confidence because him.

He left me because i was complaining about his bad behavior to me. And now i ' m crying every day since he left me , he left me 7 days ago.

Thank you for the video, it did help me a little. But i still need a lot of help to get my confidence back.

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I remember reading about him treating you like sh!t.
I can only do so much on the other end of an internet connection.
You probably need real-life help with a therapist or something.

It's going to take a lot of work for you to realize you're better off without lame-o.
But I'm totally serious, you are.
Nobody deserves to be emotionally abused. NOBODY.