Not Just "someone"...

I need somebody to talk to, but not just any individual. I need somebody who I feel completely comfortable with and who could give me good advice. I have lots of people I CAN talk to, none of which I feel comfortable talking to and none of which give me advice that's not generic.
I am putting more effort into new friendships to find this kind of relationship. Wish me luck.
ForeverApril2011 ForeverApril2011
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2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Hey April,

Same here. You have my ears (or eyes rather). I totally feel you on this one. I am having the same problem. We can help each other because we can relate to this. Drop me a message anytime. It'll be good to (finally) talk to someone.

Opening yourself to new things is a good way to help you, i find i feel more comfortable with strangers when talking rather than my friends, as much as i loved being around my friends they just never seemed to see the signs of my being upset or wanting so bad for a friend just to lend me an ear, they always seemed to have problems that they thought were much worse than everyone else. Even if it were just course work in there way, if you need someone to talk to i will lend an ear....