Extremely Sad

Almost every day I cry from the pain, my heart is constantly feeling broken. Why.... Because stupid me has been dating a married man for almost 3 years. The worse part is I work with this man and its so painful to be around him. I'm almost always jealous and arguing with him. I feel he has this strong hold over me. I know he will never ever leave his wife and I know that if he cheats on his wife then why not me. I'm nothing just sex. He says he loves me but I can't accept those words. It's so painful that I have even contemplating ending my life. I need to get out but I don't see how when we work together. I can't leave my job because I can't afford to be without work and my pay is a decent one. Please any help/advice would be appreciated. I just feel like I'm drowning and no one would help me.
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If this man loved you, he would have left his wife by now! You have waisted 3yrs of your life to this jerk... don't waist anymore! You need to do some deep soul searching and find yourself. I say your first step would be to find a new job. Regaurdless if your current job is well paying, being in contact with this man on a day to day basis is sooooo unhealthy if you are to pick yourself out of this mess! And remember...with some self confidence and motivation, you are not the lost cause you think you are! Good luck =)

you deserve to feel the way you do

I would just look for another job while you are working there.

Maybe you can call an anonymous hotline number to vent. Also, consider trying to meet new men as often as possible...the more other guys you get to know, the more likely it is you will fall for someone else. Good luck :)

I tried meeting new men but I made excuses and not like them. One guy was so nice and I could not do it. I felt I was cheating. Like I said its a strong hold and I have never been like this. Always strong woman in control of my own life.

I respect that. Just some possible suggestions for you: to make a list of all the things you do not like about this man...the way he hurts you knowingly, disrespects you and his wife, etc. because honestly any man who cheats so consistently and makes you feel so bad about yourself is not worth your time and you could be much happier with someone else. Tell the guy you are seeing how upset he makes you feel. What he's doing is not fair to you and I'm sure he knows that. Since you don't feel able to date someone else now, you might want to make friends with some genuinely nice guys...maybe eventually you will start caring about them in a new way after a long time....or just have some great friends for support. And when you feel the worst, making the effort to spend time with friends, even if you don't feel like it, can really help you feel better (at least it does for me). If you can find a friend who will accept you for who you are, you might feel better about everything if you talk to them...after all, no one's perfect and maybe you'll feel a lot closer to your friend afterwards. :)

help yourself and leave your job

I try but a good job it's hard to find these days. Everyday I look for a new one.