Bad Decision...

We moved to dallas from Austin 2 yrs ago, in Austin I had a house, just got a really good job with the state & was part of a program that help low income women get an associates degree & also provided funds to pay for daycare while i was in school. It wasn't always like that ever since I had my 1st daughter in 2008 & being laid off. Our life has been a constant struggle but somehow we broke free and was able to buy our 1st house in 2009 then my husband was Laid off so then we were faced with foreclosure, then I landed that job & my husband found a new job, so things were going good then he was faced with another layoff or move with the company option. With promises of moveing up in the company as well as pay raises. We moved with the company, I left my job & schooling I never liked Austin and always dreamed of leaving, but with the positives in my life I had grown to accept it and conform living the rest of my life there. With the option to move or face layoff it was hard enough as it was for him just to get that job, after thinking about it we decided to move , I found a similar program for school in dallas & was told by his company they would assist in helping finding me a job. So we took that leap of faith. That was the worst decision by far so far I made. The night we were leavin Austin our car wouldn't start the battery was dead this was a newer model & never happened before. Was this a sign? I did feel it was but we were already 2 feet in so we had to jump. From the very 1st day moved to dallas it has been a nightmare. To date we lost everything & right now as I type I have an eviction notice & repo threats. With no job opportunity's in sight & my husband take home pay of $1800 per month, I don't know what to do, I feel so ashamed & helpless not to mention depressed. Neither 1 of us has any really family or friends we can turn to for advice, loans nothing! We have sold everything we had to keep afloat the electronics & my wedding ring is in the pawn & he's been holding on to it not wanting to let it go so there has been times where he would scrap metal just to get an extension on the pawn tickets, I have been In & out of pawn shops the entire time that I don't miss my ring I haven't had it the last 2 yrs, we don't have anything of value in our apartment just the basics, 1 couch 1 chair,table & beds our tv has Been replaced with a old school TV that he found near a dumpster. We went from 2 cars 1was paid off on rims. We lost that car to a title loan place. The other car was repossed at his job 1 morning, the company gave him a 1 time loan to get another car that we paid back with our tax return. We owe so many payday loans that neither 1 of us has a bank account anymore, our credit is shot because of the foreclosure on our house... I mean I can go on & on. I have officially Joined the local food pantry & were on food stamps. My daughter needs a prescription that is $20 but if I could at least get her 1 for $10 that would help but I'm faced with the choice of do i buy food, gas or prescription? So far she seems ok, I'm so sad that my life has come to this. I came from a very poor upbringing & vowed as a little girl that my kids would not go without the way I had. We do our best ,me & my husband have holes in our shoes but we make sure our girls have clothes, shoes a full belly , electricty, a warm bed & are happy, I don't know what to do or what the future holds he remains positive but I have been beaten by life so much the last 2 yrs I feel I'm getting weak. I just can't believe this is my life now.
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I am very sorry for your situation and I know this is a huge ego blow, but have you looked into a shelter? I only had dealings with Collin county, but I hear Dallas has nice ones as well. Collin county does have apartments and will get you hooked up with jobs and training, so you aren't living with tons of others in cots. They are on the north side of Collin county in Mckinney and its called the unfortunately I have never worked with the other shelters so I can't recommend them. And they are huge on privacy, making sure you aren't known as "those homeless people". I am praying and hoping good things on your family.

Thank you. I had to live in a shelter time to time as a child & I just don't want my kids to have that type of memory. I'm hoping and praying that I get a call from a job or we will have to move.