So Today Is My Birthday And I Was Right...

Believe it or not, but today is my birthday...for the last month I was questioning whether or not me and her breaking up was my fault or she just needed her space...of all days to find out she was in fact seeing another guy while with me...just ****** me off so much that I have to write about it, rather then cry and scream my heart out...she was caught, actually I noticed the small things, that led up to this much bigger picture...I was so right, I knew it, just freaking knew it, and I know who the guy is, I could confront him and just mess him up so badly, but what does that say about me...I know it would relieve me so much just smashing his face in...but I think I`ll just let it go, be the bigger man, after all it is my b day, i`m going to drink and dance and just stop caring about her ever makes much more sense this way...I unfortunately can never trust another woman for God knows how long, but hell this is the way life is I suppose...I am who I am after all, i`m older and none the wiser, and I`ll never be hurt ever again. Am I right?
1986Scott 1986Scott
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 7, 2012

Happy Birthday. Sorry for the circumstances. It hurts like hell to be lied to and betrayed. Just leave her alone. No contact whatsoever. Just like you got her, you can get someone else that's better. Don't ignore those Red Flags in the future. Trust your intuition when choosing. She did you a favor by ending things. I know you want to get even, but that would mean that she has some type of advantage over you. Don't lower yourself to her standards. Have FUN. Do You. Take time to heal. Good Luck.