Never Burn Your Bridges With Family Or Friends For A Jerk Face.

It hurts like an open cut thats been salted and lemon squeezed all over every inch of that open cut. I can't believe that there can be more pain then the pain I was already feeling from being in this relationship but hell was I wrong. Just when I have given every little last bit of me and what I have to this guy I call a husband he turns around and treats me like I'm nothing but a piece of **** to him. I went and cut all ties with my friends and family for this guy who I didn't see is a jerk till now. I regret every second of it that I spent telling my friends what a great guy he is or was. How I spent countless nights arguing with my family for this jerk. I mean his family don't even like me but hell I stayed and took all their crap talking to me and I cut ties off with my family cause of stupid rumors they hear from his family. I would get my family calling and yelling at me and telling me how low I am for being with him and not having a job or an education. I finally told them that if thats all they have to say to me after ten years of being with him and they still can't just give him a chance then I don't want to talk to them anymore if they just want to call and talk crap to me for being with this jerk. That was just a couple of weeks ago. Well look who decided to get a personality change. He up and switched out on me. When I was down to my last penny I used it on him so he can have a phone to call his girls and dumb friends and what do you know he ignores my calls. Walks away or drives away when I am crying. Yells at me and blames me for him not being happy. Oh but no he wants to say how much he loves me and all this BS when I still had something or someone to run to. Now when the cuts still open fresh from it he pours salt and lemon all over it and he seems to be enjoying the fact that I am hurting from it all. Gosh I am just feeling so stupid right now. I hate my life. I know I am to blame for this hole I am in. But who ever reads this story learn from my mistake don't ever ever let go of family. They are the only ones who will be there for you. No guy or girl is ever worth it at least not to me anymore. How I wish I can just turn the clock back just a couple of weeks back and left his jerk face and went home to my mom. I miss her so much and he is just a damn jerk to not give a damn. I wish he wasn't so messed up and man enough to at least tell me if he wasn't wanting to spend the rest of his sorry life with me but no. Now I have no where to go no one to turn to but to stay here and watch him act like a jerk. How karma will come back and get him so bad for this. I feel just like dying right now. I am so embarrassed and stupid. I think I should just die.
WendyYang WendyYang
31-35, F
1 Response Dec 8, 2012

family is family. they will still be there for you.

well mines havent been there for me and i have tried but i get the cold shoulder from them all so u know i think i am alone. at least i feel like i am.

i'm pretty sure mine will always be there for me, no matter what. i'm sorry :/ at least your extended (EP) family believes in you!