So Cold

Boss says "I'm just helping you, dude". So I tried. I was getting praises from everyone except my boss. Every single time I do my best, it's never enough. Never enough. It's always new guy's faults who has no idea about right or wrong even when someone senior tells me how to enter data in system in wrong way.

I was learning. I was improving. How was I not good enough???

I was called in when I asked for a sick day because my stomach was aching so bad. I was "let go". I was always calm and ready to take on new challenges but this is the first time ever, my visions got blurred and I was scared.

I can't even break this news to my girlfriend who is the only friend I have for past 4 years. I was planning to propose her next year and marry her in a couple of years. I have been pretending everything is okay every time I talk to her. I don't want her to be sad. She has gone through enough pain for me. I want her to be safe, happy and smiling. I have no family here. I only have her. I just want her to feel secured.

I'm afraid. I'm scared. I have never felt this pain before. Tomorrow is Monday. I will no longer be at my desk. I feel like I'm drowning.
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Thanks KayP19. I just told her and she supported me to find a new job. Getting quite a few interviews just after I left my jobs. A lot of phone calls though. Hope I can find a job that I love and care.

Good Luck!

you should tell her. she will be supportive. i also just lost my job over a month ago and my husband has been understanding. start looking for something new and stay positive! you will be okay!