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Gud day evry1 im an 23years old young woman who having difficulties to accept that im pregnant although i wont hve an abortion the thing is i find it very difficult to share my deepest secrets with my friends and family the only person i told myself to trust is God.

Fourmonths ago i met a guy(now the father of the child) in a club then we started dating although we didnt hve a strong relationship we had sex several times most cases it was protected sex until we ended not using a condom, i wouldnt say that this child is a mistake cause i should have use proctection cause i hardly know the guy, im now three months pregnant and i told him about it he said i must abort the baby but i refused, its been three weeks now and i haven't seen or received his calls so i decided to delete his contacts the truth is i also dont want to see him the only problem is i need him to be there for his child financialy. please guys i really need advice, (as i hardly know the guys family i only know his friends) please im only asking for advice, not to be judge
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you can message me if you want if you dont want to post thing on here what is you culture and is this guy part of your culture because if he does not have the same culture and traditions as you then he will just laugh in your family face do you believe or think a guy who does not want a baby and wants you to get rid of it is going to stand there and admit to it been his i dont believe he will this baby is nothing to him sorry to say it he moved on you and this baby are nothing to him the only way he will ever admit the baby his is by DNA he will only ever pay for the baby if he forced to pay for the baby your family might mean well but going and asking him the question him not going to admit and he might even call the police on all of you you dealing with a guy who does not care and does not want to be paying for a baby this guy not going to be happy to see you and your family on his door step and like i say he not going to admit to having sex with you let alone the baby been his and good chance of him calling the police you need to do what i advised you to do before and is the only way to sort this you need to get legal advice on how to get him to pay for the baby and on how you go about getting a DNA on baby to prove it his
i am all ways here to help you
you dealing with a very nasty guy who use people and does not care and you dont no weather he owns a gun or not i wood hate for you or one of your family to get hurt

i am all ways here for you you not alone you can come and talk or want help or advice

tnx alot, yesterday afta wrk i pumped into dis guy(father of da child) he didnt evn hve da decency 2greet me, i arrvd hme vry upset bt i managed 2calm down i tld my family about it n they said "weather or nt u ar in speaking terms wit him we hve to tke u to him"( its part of my tradition wen u ar pregnant ur family has 2 tke u 2da baby's father so that he cn admit dat his da father cause them nt tking me 2him wil seems lyk his nt da father) da thing is as mch as i rescpect my family n culture i dnt wnt them 2do dat, 2me it wil seems lyk im ffollowing hm since he tld me to abort, its jst dat my pride wnt allow me go 2him pls advice me

why do you need to know his family and friends just go and get legally advice on how you get him to pay money to support the child he not going to give you money unless he is forced to he proved that by wanting you to get rid of the baby and now ignoring you he hoping by ignoring you you get rid of baby and that you wont want to be on your own bring up a baby

thnx alot al try dat