It Still Hurts...

It hasn't even been a flipping month, and she already is in another relationship, I really don't get how girls can do this to a guy, after all the time, energy, and love I gave her, she tosses me aside, stabs my heart, confuses my mind, and I'm suppose to be the good guy in all of this? what the hell...Im an incredible guy, hands down I make the impossible, happen, I never once cheated, lied, accused, or hung out with other girls, nothing at all, yet I'm still the one who gets hurts, I'm afraid to ever trust again, I'm afraid of the dark thoughts in my head, and it will get worst, anytime I see her, I'll know how f-ed up she is, I'll know and remember all the times when I meant the most to her, how it was all a damn lie, and I'll know I can never be the same, this is just so evil and twisted, that it hurts way to flipping much, how am I suppose to move forward....
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3 Responses Dec 12, 2012

I understand you exactly my friend. just recently i've been going through a similar situation. and not to gloat, but im probably one of the most caring and nicest guys you'll find in your town, that would give you his shirt off his back. and i treat girls the way that they should with respect, love and kindness, yet somewhere down the line i'm the one who gets the short end of the stick. i don't know why, but it always seem like the nicest of guys always end up getting hurt the worst, believe me i know, and have seen it happen. but keep yourself busy and try to hang out with friends until you can start to feel like you can move one. it honestly took me over a year to get over this one girl i was with for a long, long time. yet a month later after we split she is with some other guy like it was no big deal. believe me i suffered for a while, but it is your choice to either let yourself be miserable, or let yourself be happy, and move on. believe me i still have major trust issues as well and that takes time as well.

Sometimes in life, things wont turn out the way you want or think they will, even if you have been nothing, but good.
It is all a part of this cruel journey... Hey, what is happiness without pain?
I really hope you'll find a way to get your mind on something else and maybe find someone else too, because that is what you deserve :)
If you need to talk, I'm here.

You just move forward one step at a time until, believe it or not, it does actually get easier:)