Almost Together

So, me and my best guy friend recently learned that we both like each other. But he told me that he can't ask me out right now because his parents said something about moving and if they do, he doesn't wanna break my heart. I don't mind the wait, its just there are so many other things. He works from like 10 to 4 or 9, then when he gets home he's always tired cause he has insomnia,plus he hardly gets any days off. I'm always stuck doing stuff at home, and hardly ever get to go out and do something for me. So we hardly, if at all see each other, we're getting to where he hardly ever texts me...and I've been thinking maybe one weekend we could go out and do something for a first date. But the thing is, this is a huge change from last year. Last year we saw each other every day (because he was still in school), but now that this year has come around, everything is sooo different. As though everyone else just jumped too far ahead of me, and i'm in the back slowly, but surely catching up...
VioolntKat15 VioolntKat15
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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

It sound like hes older than you?

yea, he's 3 years older than me