I'm Alone.

I really just feel so alone lately. I'm so overwhelmed by life, and my list of loved-ones has grown depressingly short. Out of that list, the number of people I can talk to at this point is almost nonexistent. Once in a while I can talk to a couple of my friends, but more often than not they're either busy, or I feel like they're probably sick of hearing about my problems by now. My boyfriend is the closest person in my life, and he just gets irritated listening to my problems because apparently it cuts into his "relaxing time" and he doesn't understand why I can't just force myself to not care about the things that hurt me.

It's gotten to the point where I'm really lucky if I get one single day where I don't end up in tears either out of anger, stress, or sadness. All my problems in life seem to be piling on top of me all at once, making this horrible year even worse.

This person is not me. I'm an upbeat, positive person. But lately, I'm finding it increasingly impossible to find things to be happy about. My life has fallen apart, and I'm trying with everything I have to keep my head above water and pull myself back up and become the person I want to be with the successful life I always thought I'd have.

I just need someone to talk to who won't judge me for how messed up my life is right now or how overwhelmed I am with it all. The hard part is that all my problems have built up over the last few years and they've all got complexities and backstories that put them into context, so it's hard to talk to a total stranger without either confusing them or going into things in a lot of detail. I guess that's what I'm wishing for. Someone who doesn't mind a lot of details - maybe someone who doesn't mind sticking around to listen from time to time. I'm not selfish, and I'm willing to listen to other peoples' problems too. I just feel like at this point I have no one to talk to every time things blow up (which is ALL the time lately) and when I don't have anywhere to turn I feel like I'm completely alone and won't be able to make it like this much longer.
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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

I can understand that, lately i feel the same. i'm far away from home, my boyfriend is busy and my roomate is just terrible at this stuff. so, you are more than welcome to talk to me if it helps you or makes you feel any better :)

Thank you! The same goes to you if you ever feel like talking about anything, good or bad :)