My Girl

So I just recently lost my girlfriend who decided that we should separate. My heart is hurting terribly and I just can't shake the fact that she is just done with me for good...I wake up lonely and upset everyday. We woke up one morning telling each other that wee were both so happy and in love and then 12 hours later when I picked her up from work, she said she was done...I'm so confused and distraught over the fact that a human being can just do that to whomever...I never ever deserved what she did to me. We never fought once and never had a disagreement. I feel like I was basically a rebound, she says to me that I was so much more, she just cannot be with me...I've never felt as low about a girl as I do know...I know that time will pass and I will move on...but I'm just so sick of searching...I don't think I could be more ready to be with someone. If anyone has any suggestions or words of wisdom...I would love to hear's kind of one of those things where you just wish you had someone that would tell you it's gonna be ok everyday..
jcbruno25 jcbruno25
1 Response Dec 13, 2012

don't worry dear...This bad time will go away soon and you'll find your true love.. :)