This Is Me Asking And Praying.

I give so much to people. When does it start giving back? I only have two people that I really feel like I can be myself with and one of them lives in Virginia.
I wish I had people to go to. I know I have God, but Lord, where's the flesh that you shared your spirit with? Can I eat of what is good for me for once?
I keep praying, hoping you'll bring some one closer to me, walking distance or some one I could live with and they could deliver me from the temporary home I reside.
I'll keep praying Lord. I know you're listening, I know you see me at my worst and my best, I'm giving you the bad and praying for good. There must be some one or some thing you're preparing for me. Thank You, Lord(:
thepinklioness thepinklioness
18-21, F
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Lets talk

You can talk to me anytime. I am alone also.

thank you luv(: